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About Us

What We Do

A cross-sectoral collaboration to establish Hong Kong’s circular food economy. This pilot research funded by Zero Foodprint Asia, facilitated in partnership with Soil Trust, PolyU School of Design and validated through scientific research methods by PolyU Research Institute for Future Food (RiFood); aims to demonstrate the scaleability of HK's first food waste-to-crop integration that works towards:

1. Increasing education in the hospitality industry on feasible and circular food waste solutions

2. Innovating farm management practices while rejuvenating soil health for carbon sequestration

3. Supporting local farmers and strengthening Hong Kong’s food security

Program Facilitators


Soil Trust is pioneering community-supported nutrients cycling in Hong Kong so that organic resources from kitchens regenerate soil ecologies, local crops and environmental biodiversity. Soil Trust collaborates simultaneously with farmers, kitchen chefs, households to create mutually beneficial synergies between food producers and consumers, city and countryside in Hong Kong. 


PolyU School of Design stands at the junction of art and science has a tradition of producing high quality impact research, education and consultancy work. The school's contributions are grounded in a robust research to create holistic constellations, products and services that are subordinated to mutualistic thriving and futures. 


RiFood is a research institute from PolyU with three main research directions namely "Food Sustainability", "Smart Technology and Functional Food Development", as well as "Nutrition and Human Health". RiFood will offer lab test and other scientific research to back our program.


Zero Foodprint Asia (ZFPA), is a nonprofit organization mobilizing the food world around agricultural climate solutions. ZFPA hosts a crowdfunding program that gathers funds from member food businesses such as restaurants, cafes, bars and food retailers to fund regenerative farming practices that restores soil health and help combat global warming. As research pilot sponsors for SoilFeeders, ZFPA also supports in the program's communication efforts.

Mission Statement

Nourishing minds, partnerships and soils for a healthier future. Enabling the hospitality industry to lead in the regeneration of the food-soil-health-climate-commerce nexus.

Management Team

Shing Wai NG

Soil Trust's farm manager, an agricultural consultant and educator, regenerative farming practitioner, ‘fermentizen’ and healthy eating advocate. For over a decade Shing works with communities in Hong Kong on promoting localised organic farming approaches and homecooked, nutrients-dense eating as the most integrative way of establishing and maintaining human/environment health relationships.

Sin Ting LAM

Soil Trust's assistant farm manager and a regenerative farming practitioner; her enthusiasm for soil ecology, human-nature relationships and local planting energises her to work with farmers, consumers, and communities to promote eco-farm innovation, community supported agriculture and food education.

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Kam Fai CHAN

Cofounder of Soil Trust and an instructor in social and communication design with the School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, working on critical theory for design education, vernacular knowledge, and urban materialism/situationism.


Cofounder of Soil Trust and a research assistant professor with the School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University who studies and instigates community-led food agency, waste-confronting design, collaborative economies, and agricultural innovation. His work emphasizes the social and ecological emergence in body-technology pairings and human-biosphere interactions for resource regeneration and scholarly work.

Program  Partners


Hong Miu Organic Farm

Hong Miu Organic Farm is located  in Kam Tin and adopts regenerative practices supported by ZFPA's Restore Fund and soil health experts, Homeland Green. Farmer Cheong and his team grows a variety of produces for local restaurants and the community. Hong Miu has offered us a space for compost production, application and soil test. 

Hyatt Centric is a city-center hotel with a gorgeous view of the Victoria Harbour, with several restaurants that focus on farm-to-table concepts.  Hyatt Centric's kitchen team will up-cycle their own food waste to create Bokashi fermentation for Soil Trust's monthly pick up.

Program  Sponsors


Sedgwick Richardson is Asia’s brand and sustainability consultancy for visionary leaders, with clients in Greater China and Southeast Asia. The team has been instrumental in creating the logo, branding, and tone of the SoilFeeders program. 


SLOWOOD is a Hong Kong-based organic grocery store that pioneers zero-waste lifestyle and reusability. In this vein, Slowood is generously providing used shampoo pails to SoilFeeders that get a second life as bokashi bedding containers. 


FoodCycle+ upcycles and reuses local organic resources through their innovative 'waste-to-farm-to-table' concept, and produces food-grade urban compost.  FC+ has generously donated custom-designed, small-batch bokashi containers for SoilFeeders' ongoing bioscience trials. 

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